Ruger - Fresh 48

About 24 hours after Ruger was born, I headed back up to the hospital. Big brother was there and he was so happy to be back with his mama! It is always so amazing to me how different babies look after just 24 hours. This boy had a sweet head full of hair and was so content the whole time I was there. 

Liam Ryan - Fresh 48

Liam's Fresh 48 session is a bit different from the traditional 48. Instead of waiting a day for everyone to get settled, mama requested I be there right after little man was born. I was able to document his first few hours and it was so much fun! Mama had a quick labor and I just loved watching these first time parents fall madly in love with their little guy.


Vera Fern - Fresh 48

Miss Vera has impeccable timing. When we set up this birth we knew that there was a very good chance I would be at the beach and would miss her birth. As it turned out, she decided to come the day before! Her mama, Bess, had a tough labor with her older sister so we were all hoping for a successful VBAC. And boy did she get it! Vera was born within 2 hours of arriving at the hospital. It was so exciting hearing how different this birth was and how empowered Bess felt afterwards. The sweetest moment was when Vera cried and her sister Maeve said, "I think she needs me". Big sister, she will always need you. It was such a joy doing this Fresh 48 shoot. I've known Bess for a very long time so being asked to come document these moments was very, very special to me.